Coal Seam Gas Simulation Game


The Social Justice Committee of CLRI(NSW) has developed a simulation game around the issue of coal seam gas mining.

Provided for your use are

1. The game outline and instructions: Whose Rights Simulation Game 2013

2. A map of Freelandia

3. 12 Role descriptions for the various roles in the game

Agricultural Consultant            Gas Worker
Councillor                                    Marketing Executive
Director                                       Member of Parliament
Farm Manager                           Nurse
Farmer 1                                     Rural Worker
Farmer 2                                     TAFE Student

4. A set of labels for the 12 roles being played in the game

We encourage you to download the simulation game and use it with your students, your congregational members, your colleagues.

If you require any further information or assistance, please contact us at CLRI(NSW) via the contact sheet on this website.


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