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Latest edition of Watermark : June 2017

This issue of Watermark .

This issue of Watermark looks beyond the apparent global plague of “fake news” that is attempting to undermine traditional information sources.

“Alternative facts” are not new but when it comes to environmental and climate change, we have to challenge the climate change deniers and convert the sceptics.

Time for conversations, as the Talanoa4climate program from the Pacific region encourages us to do!

Laurie Brink Seminar

Becoming Ambassadors of Reconciliation: Personal Experience, Biblical Roots and Global Implications

Tuesday 18 th July 2017

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Resolutions To Action

April 2017 – “Resistance


CLRI(NSW) has Moved to Croydon Park

From January 2017 CLRI(NSW) will be in new premises at Croydon Park, NSW.

Our new address is:
5/2 Alison St,

our email addresses is unchanged but our telephone number ha changed. See our Contact Us page for more details.


ROTA Events & Newsletter


Events for 2017


Vision and Values

Our pre-Election publication Visions and Values asks WHAT DOES A RE-IMAGINED AUSTRALIA LOOK LIKE? The 2016-17 Budget failed to equitably allocate resources and wealth to all Australians. The Federal Government has focused on supporting businesses and wealthy individuals whilst offering little to no support to address issues related to environmental and social justice. This strategy paper offers a re-imagining of the Budget and provides vision for an Australian society that is centred on values of compassion, social justice and equitable opportunity for all.

Vision & Values (Full Colour)     (Black & White)


Double Dissolution?

What is a Double Dissolution?

Find out here



CLRI(NSW) offers you an opportunity to order a new plaque: CHILDREN DO NOT BELONG IN DETENTION.

This plaque is the same size, shape and colour as the acknowledgement plaque that many of our supporters have displayed.

Please use this order form to obtain your plaque.


  • Upcoming Events

    1. Social Justice Committee Meeting

      July 5 @ 9:00 am - 11:00 am
    2. Executive & Social Justice Committee Meeting

      July 5 @ 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
    3. Audit

      July 14