Media Watch

Keeping an eye on the social justice issues

Our Social Justice Committee has a watching brief on issues that arise in the media. When action seems appropriate they will write to politicians, government officials, newspapers or public bodies – anyone who could help in the struggle for justice.

The following resolutions have been adopted.

1. When a letter is written, a copy will be included on the website.
2. Our monthly Media Watch item will decide which member has initial responsibility for the month plus some issues to watch for.
3. An individual who begins a topic and gets a response will stay on the topic and follow up the response (particularly if there is no response or a pro forma response that does not address the issue raised).
4. Anyone following up an issue will notify the designated Media Watcher that an issue is being pursued.
5. When the Research Officer writes letters for any sub-group or the whole group, a copy will be posted on the website.
6. The Research Officer will assemble information for members to use in composing letters.
7. Remember to write letters of commendation when appropriate!
8. We all write different types of letters – short, long, witty, serious – feel free to be yourself!
9. Media Watch is freeing, empowering, a fantastic process – one of our better ideas!

Letters written


Frydenberg mp RE Concern for environment Feb 2017 PDF

Parliamentary Leaders on Parliamentary Year Opening Feb 2017 PDF

Submission to Foreign Policy White Paper Task Force Desired Foreign Policy Feb 2017 PDF

Letters received

Reply received from Gladys Berejiklian mp Premier NSW re low cost rental housing in Sydney and the homeless in Martin Place 10 Oct 17 PDF

Reply from Senior Adviser Constitutional Recognition Taskforce Indigenous Employment and Recognition Division re support of the Uluru Statement from the Heart and the recommendations of the Referendum Council’s Final Report. 1 Sep 17 PDF

Reply from Assistant Secretary Electricity Branch Department of the Environment and Energy re extreme weather electricity blackout in SA  18 Nov 16 PDF

Reply from Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier re education reform within the NSW correctional system   5 Oct 16 PDF

Reply from Linda Burney mp re sincere thanks for congratulations upon election to the Federal Parliament as the Member for Barton Sep 16 Letter 1  Letter 2

Reply from Craig Laundy mp Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science re with thanks for congratulatory letter of election August 16 PDF

Reply from Anthony Roberts mp Ministry for Industry, Resources and Energy re increased enforcement powers with respect to illegal protests  May 16 PDF

Reply from Parliamentary Secretary to Luke Foley mp NSW Leader of the Opposition re Liberal-National Government’s anti-protest laws May 2016 PDF

Reply from Hon Catherine Cusack MLC Secretary to the Premier re Inclosed Lands, Crimes and Law Enforcement Legislation Amendment (Interference) Bill 2016.  April 2016 PDF

Reply from Assistant Secretary Attorney-General’s Department re counter-terrorism legislation.   February 2016 PDF


Access archives of letters from previous years here.

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