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Annual Report

CLRI(NSW) Annual Report (pdf)


Just in Time

December – colour pdf   |  December – B&W pdf
September – colour pdf   |  September – B&W pdf
August – colour pdf  |  August – B&W pdf
April – colour pdf  |  April – B&W pdf



December  – colour pdf  |   December – B&W pdf
August  – colour pdf  |   August – B&W pdf
July – colour pdf   |  July – B&W pdf
April – colour pdf  |   April – B&W pdf


Resolutions to Action

October (pdf)
July (pdf)
January  (pdf)


ROTA newsletter

December – colour pdf December – B&W pdf
October – colour pdf  |  October – B&W pdf
July – colour pdf  |  July – B&W pdf
March – colour pdfMarch – B&W pdf


Other documents

State Your Case (web site)
(prepared by the Social Justice Committee for the NSW State election)
ARRCC Media Release (pdf)
Prison Reform in NSW (pdf)
Memories of SIEV X – and the victims of SIEV 221 (pdf)
Edmund Rice Centre: praise for Carbon Tax (pdf)


Media Watch

Letters sent to:

Joe Hockey re unacceptable parliamentary behaviour Sep 2011 (pdf)
Julia Gillard re. proposed legislation regarding asylum seekers Sep 2011 (pdf)
Chris Bowen re Unaccompanied Minors August 2011 (pdf)
Chris Bowen re children in detention Feb 2011 (pdf)
Julia Gillard re children in detention Feb 2011 (pdf)
Bishop Daniel, Coptic Orthodox Church re recent atrocities January 2011 (pdf)
re Refugee Policy Oct 2011 (pdf)

Replies received from:

Craig Emerson re Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement June 2011 (pdf)
Chris Bowen re Christmas Island boat tragedy May 2011 (pdf)
PM’s Office re Refugee Policy March 2011 (pdf)
Rev Fr Tadros Simon re Thanks and Appreciation Feb 2011 (pdf)

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