Supporting Catholic religious institutes leaders in NSW

CLRI(NSW) exists to invigorate, encourage and enthuse religious in NSW by supporting elected leaders and leadership team members.

The focus of the work of CLRI(NSW) is overseen by the Executive Committee, the members of which are elected from leaders and leadership teams of Religious Institutes at our Annual General Meeting.
The Executive Committee meets every two months at our Rosebery office to receive reports from staff and other committees and to provide direction for the work of the organisation.


We organise seminars, workshops and an annual conference for leadership, membership and employees to share information and develop skills.

Research and publications

We foster a range of publications onĀ  relevant topics:

  • religious life
  • education
  • social justice

Networking and support

We encourage our members to help each other in their roles as leaders, working collectively for the common good. We provide ways for leaders from different congregations, church groups and wider society to collaborate more easily.

Effecting change

Through committees we help our members to bring about positive change in the areas of social justice and education.

State and national organisations

We also supply representatives of religious institutes and their ministries to state and national organisations.

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