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CLRI(NSW) is Moving in 2017

From January 2017 CLRI(NSW) will be in new premises at Croydon Park, NSW.

Our new address will be:
5/2 Alison St,

our email addresses will be unchanged but our telephone number will change. (number to be advised)


ROTA December 2016 Newsletter

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Annual Conference 2017

MARCH 1-2, 2017


The Global Call of Religious Life Today: A View from Down Under

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Homelessness Doesn’t Care How Young You Are

Student Social Justice Seminar – Wednesday March 8, 2017

How can we still call Australia home when 32,000 Young people are homeless?


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October 2016

Nauru may be the world’s smallest island state, but it is effectively a “client state” of Australia and as such, Australia is responsible for the safety and wellbeing of the detainees housed there.

On the last official count at the end of June 2016, 442 people – 338 men, 55 women and 49 children – were held on Nauru at Australia’s request.

See the October 2016 Edition


Latest edition of Watermark : October 2016

This issue of Watermark .

This edition looks at A CLEANER FUTURE? COAL, ENERGY AND THE NEXT STEPS and explores what Pope Francis teaches us about care for creation, along with the current status of coal as an energy source and future directions in energy production.


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Retirement for Mission Sabbatical in 2017.

This program is designed for women and men religious, priests and Bishops, who have recently retired from full time active ministry or intend retiring from such in the near future.

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Vision and Values

Our pre-Election publication Visions and Values asks WHAT DOES A RE-IMAGINED AUSTRALIA LOOK LIKE? The 2016-17 Budget failed to equitably allocate resources and wealth to all Australians. The Federal Government has focused on supporting businesses and wealthy individuals whilst offering little to no support to address issues related to environmental and social justice. This strategy paper offers a re-imagining of the Budget and provides vision for an Australian society that is centred on values of compassion, social justice and equitable opportunity for all.

Vision & Values (Full Colour)     (Black & White)


Double Dissolution?

What is a Double Dissolution?

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CLRI(NSW) offers you an opportunity to order a new plaque: CHILDREN DO NOT BELONG IN DETENTION.

This plaque is the same size, shape and colour as the acknowledgement plaque that many of our supporters have displayed.

Please use this order form to obtain your plaque.


Resolutions to Action – March 2016 issue

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Christmas Gift of Freedom for Children in Detention

CRA & CLRI(NSW) has published an open letter to the Members of Federal Parliament, to release children and families from immigration detention.

The letter appeared in the SMH, Saturday 28 November 2015. A digital copy is available here.

Contact your local Member of Parliament and ask them to vote for the release of cidren and their families.


 Cathy McGowan MP

On October 15, 2015 leaders of Catholic religious congregations and other faith leaders negotiated a cross-party meeting of Members and Senators at Parliament House, Canberra, calling on parliamentarians to restore Australia’s standing as a compassionate nation by winding back policies negatively impacting on people escaping violence, persecution, torture and death.

Last week, Anne Lane pbvm received a copy of the speech Cathy McGowan MP gave in the House of Representatives in order that the meeting be recorded in Hansard. Cathy McGowan MP  was one of the Parliamentarians that hosted the meeting on October 15.

Cathy’s message as recorded in Hansard was: “I would like to welcome to Parliament House today leaders of Australia’s Catholic religious congregations, the Uniting Church and representatives from the Anglican, Jewish and Muslim faith. These 40-plus leaders met with over fifteen politicians to discuss concerns about government policy relating to asylum seekers and refugees. The discussion was informed by the social Justice statement released by the Australian Catholic Bishops conference, ‘For Those Who’ve Come Across the Seas’, and also the comments of Pope Francis: ‘We are a society which has forgotten how to weep, how to experience compassion…’

I am pleased to inform the House that the meeting was a fantastic discussion and it has been agreed to form a working party to further progress a combination of politics, community and society across geography, across location and across parties. I acknowledge and thank Sister Jan Barnett from the Sisters of St Joseph, Sister Berneice Loch, (leader of the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea), and Sister Anne Lane, leader of the Presentation Sisters, for their courage and creativity in bringing together today’s meeting.

I also take courage from the words of the minister for immigration in this House yesterday at question time regarding his concern for children in detention, but I do remind the House that children’s rights are human rights. They do belong in families but, first and foremost, we must have all our children out of custody.”

Cathy’s speech in Parliament can be watched at . It is really worthwhile watching!

The Working Group will meet in Canberra for the first time on November 25, 2015.


CLRI(NSW) 2016 Calendar (updated Nov 2015)

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Statement:  On Australia and Refugees and Asylum Seekers

CLRI(NSW) continue to be concerned about the way in which refugees and asylum seekers are thought about, spoken about and treated in Australia.

We offer this theological reflection by Justin Glyn sj as a prompt to begin to think  and speak about refugees and asylum seekers in a different way and an encouragement to treat them with more compassion.

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Good Order Bill

CLRI(NSW) made a submission to the MIGRATION AMENDMENT (Maintaining the Good Order of Immigration Detention Facilities) BILL 2015

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Travel Concessions to Asylum Seekers

CLRI(NSW) is promoting a campaign to have Mr Baird grant temporary travel concessions to asylum seekers without work rights. (two docs)

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Letter to Hon Andrew Constance


 Editorial: Climate change is church’s No. 1 pro-life issue

Read the article from the National Catholic Reporter: click here.


The Kiribati Project

An Educational Climate Change Package for Schools.



The Kiribati Project

What kids know about climate change.

The island of Kiribati will most likely be the first country to be erased from the Earth by climate change. We interviewed kids from the nation of Kiribati who live with this fact every day, as well as kids from Australia who learn about climate change as a far-off, abstract threat and compared their answers.

It’s time to face this issue head-on in Australia: not only by talking about it, but through national and global action. In the lead-up to the election, it needs to be made clear that dealing with climate change is a priority for Australians. Watch our video and share it with your friends and loved ones!

 Watch our You Tube video


Australian Religion Response To Climate Change

ARRCC’s Christian Climate Action Kit is an up-to date, online, comprehensive resource with creative ideas to empower Christians to assist their communities to respond to climate change and to care for Creation. From eco-theology and liturgical resources, to easy to understand science and improving energy efficiency, from ideas for nurturing a sense of connection with Creation, to advocacy, this kit will support you in Greening your Church.

To download the kit, visit


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Coal Seam Gas Simulation Game

The Social Justice Committee of CLRI(NSW) has developed a simulation game around the issue of coal seam gas mining.

We encourage you to download the simulation game and use it with your students, your congregational members, your colleagues.


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